CrossFit currently leads the way in the domain of functional fitness worldwide. It is a sport in which safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition are used to accomplish your fitness goals - from improved health, weight-loss and better performance.


CrossFit Ruark invites people from all fitness levels to join our community, whether you're just starting out or been training for years - the programme works for everyone.

CROSSFIT = Constantly Varied + Functional Movements + High Intensity

FUNCtional movements

Functional movements are those that prepare you for life - squatting, running, jumping, pulling the list goes on. These movements weren't invented by anyone, they are simply the fundamentals to human movement. 


Through CrossFit, we incorporate these functional movements into our programming - safely, effectively and efficiently.


The magic is in the programming. No day will be the same when you join CrossFit Ruark.  By varying movements, repetitions, volume, loads and workout time - we are able to improve & enhance your fitness ability.

CrossFit is a progressive sport. We don't expect you to be able to do things first-go, so we adapt our workouts to suit your level of ability.

high intensity

In CrossFit, workouts are altered in order to ensure that each individual is pushing themselves through a workout. This alteration to programming ensures an individuals fitness is constantly improved.


Intensity is also proven to achieve significant weight-loss.  

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