Owner, CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Owner & Operator of CrossFit Ruark, Josh, 26, has been amongst the CrossFit scene for 7-years now, and founded CrossFit Ruark in 2015.

"In that time, we have built a strong vibrant community that thrives today. Our 'box' has been represented at a regional, national & international level - including the CrossFit Games."

CrossFit Ruark prides itself in everything that we have done thus far and look forward to what the future has install.






CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Coach Dan, 27, has been involved in CrossFit for 5 years and has been a coach for 4. He loves CrossFit because it has a community like no other. “It’s the best method of training for my specific goals”. He loves being able to stay fit and strong all year around. CrossFit Ruark is a well equipped facility with lots of open gym time for athletes. “The culture here is second-to-none, and I am proud to represent this awesome box”.


He has competed at CrossFit sanctions as an individual and also in a team. His goal is to continue to be competitive within the CrossFit environment. He is very passionate about helping people reach their goals and becoming the best version of themselves.




Certificate in Fitness (Level 4), CrossFit Level 2

Fallyn, otherwise known as “Flynn” or “Aunty”, is currently a tutor of Sport and Recreation at Toi Ohomai. She enjoys eating (who doesn’t?), reading, music and spending time with friends and family. She has been involved in CrossFit for 7 years but stopped competing 3 years ago due to having Endometriosis (Google it), which limited her ability to train consistently. That’s what she tells everyone, but really, she got sick of waiting between WODs. The winning wait between WODs at a comp was 4 hours – nope, never again.


Her love of food means she’s tried it all; Paleo, Keto, Zone Diet and Vegetarian, hey, 2 days counts. She believes that the only way you’re going to know what works for your body with food is to give one thing a try and do it properly, get help if you need.


She’s a natural teacher, therefore is a very passionate coach. Her favourite discipline to coach is weightlifting, so it’s no surprise that her favourite CrossFit movement is a Snatch. When she coaches her philosophy is that ‘if her members/ athletes don’t learn one thing from her session, then she hasn’t done her job’.




Level 4 Certificate in Fitness (BOP Polytechnic), CrossFit Level 2

Coach Mitch has been involved in CrossFit Ruark since day one. He has since become a valuable member of the coaching team. He enjoys coaching CrossFit as he sees the positive impact that CrossFit has on peoples lives, whether that be in everyday life, on the sports field or seeing people achieve their fitness goals. 

His favourite food is lasagne with lots of spinach, in fact, he eats Spinach with every meal. Other than CrossFit he plays the Ukulele whilst at the same time visualising he were in Hawaii. Whilst his workout playlist may need some work, Mitch is a great coach and valued member of the team.